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What to Expect in Preschool Programs


Are you thinking of sending your child to preschool soon? Are you still indecisive about it because you do not know if a preschool center caters to a bilingual student? Well, put your worries aside as we help you discern the best preschool for your child.

But before you decide on enrolling your child to a center, it would be helpful to know what these preschool programs cover. Here are two of the major learning aspects that they cover:

  • Cognitive Skills
    One of the aims of preschools like Early Steps Bilingual Preschool, a Preschool in Virginia, is to develop the basic skills of a child. This includes the ability of the child to think and speak. Activities like puzzles and answering worksheets are just some of the ways in which the ability of the child to comprehend and think is being put to test.
  • Social skills
    Another aspect that we need to hone our child is their ability to mingle in a crowd. Most of our children are shy to make friends or to be in a place with too many people. They find being in a crowd as an intimidating experience. Providing group works and encouraging group games is one way of helping our child reach to other people.

Our programs at Early Steps Bilingual Preschool, a Spanish bilingual immersion in Washington DC, we want our children to enjoy holistic learning. Considering that these are bilingual children, they need to manage understanding and competency in both languages. They have the added challenge to juggle activities in both languages.

Nevertheless, with the presence of bilingual schools, they are assisted so they will know how to switch to another language and develop fluency in both whatever the context may be.

If your child is living in a bilingual environment, our community at Early Steps Bilingual Preschool can be the perfect place for you and for your child. For details, you visit our Facebook page or our website for a comprehensive understanding of what our school offers. We hope to see you in our school soon!

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