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Our Early Education Curriculum
‘Aprendemos Jugando – Learning Through Play’ Curriculum

In our preschool classrooms, we follow our “Learning Through Play” curriculum to obtain a harmonic development of a complete, dynamic being. Growing in an atmosphere both pleasing and in harmony for young learners. The goal is for each child to feel absolutely respected, individually based on autonomy, activity, and freedom.

At our Early Steps Bilingual Centers in Virginia and DC, we favor the individual development of each child’s abilities in all areas: language, critical thinking- cognitive, mathematics, communication, emotional- social, and partner these with effective creativity in arts. We also teach another language (Spanish) to all children that attend our schools.

This curriculum is based on research, which indicates that young children learn most effectively through play and realistic experiences. In our classrooms, you will find activity areas that are well stocked with a wealth of materials. These areas feature blocks, art, housekeeping, dramatic play items, books, CDS, games, manipulatives, challenging educational toys, science centers and music.

In “Aprendemos Jugando” curriculum, children are encouraged to plan what they will do during the important “work time” each morning and afterwards to recall what they have accomplished. This process is called learning through play and creates in the child a sense of purpose and self- direction. Teachers plan a variety of group activities plus work individually throughout the day so that children are busy and challenged. We are very serious about education and carefully watch the progress of each child as he/she attains knowledge that is essential for success in kindergarten and the primary grades.

Annually we perform observations and assessments in each classroom. Twice a year, we have Parent/Teacher conferences to share our findings and collaborate goals for each child.

a child doing school activities
children doing school activities