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No-Cost and Screen-Free Activities for Your Preschooler

no-cost-and-screen-free-activities-for-your-preschoolerA lot of parents nowadays may experience trouble in keeping their children away from gadgets that can only destroy their eyes and contribute nothing useful. But you should remember that kids also tend to have fun with simple things like a cardboard box.

Our preschool in Washington, DC believes in the importance of play using inexpensive toys such as balls, blocks, jump ropes, and buckets. These are more effective in allowing kids to become more creative and imaginative than the more expensive toys and gadgets.

Although it may be hard to relax and give yourself over to play with your kids, view this time with them as an adventure that can benefit you both. As a parent, you are not only promoting the benefits of play but you are also getting to know your child better and strengthening your parent-child bond. This will also help them avoid dependence on gadgets that may provide short-term pleasure only.

Some fun activities you can do with your preschooler are:

  • Duck, Duck, Goose
  • Limbo
  • Simon Says
  • Nature Walks
  • London Bridge is Falling Down

Teach these activities to them and help them have fun even in the simplest of ways. In our bilingual preschool in Virginia, teachers, and staff also value time for play and these activities are on the list!

Help your children do more productive things than sit around watching or playing video games at home. Call Early Steps Bilingual Preschool to know more or to enroll your child in preschool. We offer bilingual education in Virginia!

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