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Curiosity and Passion: An Inseparable Link

Go ahead and ask children what they want to be when they grow up and they’ll probably give you a list of what they would want to be. They want to be this and that but get this, they say it with enthusiasm and passion in their eyes. This is probably not the same case with teenagers or young adults. What happened to us when we grew up? Why is it that in a span of 10 or 15 years, we suddenly became less passionate about what we wanted to become?

  • Children love to explore the world around themIn the eyes of a young innocent child, the world is amazing. Why is the sky blue? Why do seasons change? Why do things fall? Will the moon eventually fall on us? This is why children are born explorers. They have this innate curiosity that must be satisfied regardless of the cost, like finding out that you’d get stung if you mess with bees. Curiosity is what sets young children in the magic years of 2-4 years old apart older children or teens.
  • Curiosity can be outgrownOver time, children outgrow their curiosity either because it was not nourished properly or they have succumbed to the distractions which run amok these days. As children, they were all about exploring the world. But now that they’re all grown up, their priorities change.
  • But what does curiosity have to do with all of these?Frankly, everything! Curiosity ignites passion and passion defines a person. Not finding your passion can cause a ripple effect which will eventually be felt sooner or later. This is the reason why you see employees quitting their jobs in the corporate world when it fails to meet their expectations. It’s because they probably lost their love for what they’re doing. Why don’t they love what they’re doing? They don’t have the passion. Why didn’t they have the passion? They couldn’t find it. Why couldn’t they find it? They lacked curiosity.

The challenge therefore for both parents and educators alike is to keep a child’s curiosity alive. But how do we keep it alive? That’s another story but a good suggestion would be to start while they’re young. Encourage them to ask questions and allow them to explore under your watchful eye. In fact, you can even try to enroll them in a bilingual preschool in Virginia or Washington which would help not only to prepare them but to develop a love for learning as they enter school and face the real world. Along the way, they also learn a second language apart from English.

Are you looking for a bilingual daycare in Washington, DC or Virginia? Visit us! Our educators value the importance of keeping a child’s curiosity alive. We make learning fun and exciting. Let us give our children the necessary tools they need to help them discover what they are passionate about.

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