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Being Bilingual Is Good for the Brain


Many myths about being bilingual have haunted society for years. Some claim that teaching another language to a child at a young age can cause speech delays. These are not true and shall forever remain a debunked myth.

On the contrary, being bilingual, especially during childhood, can lead to several benefits for the brain. As a bilingual preschool in Virginia, we are more than happy to be a part of the development of these many cognitive skills.

  • Cognitive Flexibility
    Kids who speak two or more languages may have better cognitive flexibility compared to monolingual children. When kids speak, they have to quickly decide which language to use. By choosing one, they should suppress the other, which displays self-control and attention. Both of these are highly important in other aspects of life.
  • Mental Puzzles
    Bilingual children may also perform better at certain mental puzzles compared to monolingual children. Children who speak two languages may have developed better abilities to plan and perform mentally demanding tasks. This facilitates better problem-solving skills, which is vital in our preschool in Washington, DC.
  • Honed Communication Skills
    Of course, children who speak two or more languages may have developed better communication skills. Speaking other languages requires them to adopt more communication habits and skills, which help them improve their communication abilities as a whole.

Here at Early Steps Bilingual Preschool, we can help your child experience and realize these effects with our bilingual education in Virginia. If you wish to learn more about our programs, please give us a call.

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