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4 Reasons Why Parents of Toddlers Are so Exhausted


For those non-parents out there questioning why parents of toddlers are so exhausted, you may be thinking that the only reason they feel such is because of the baby. Think again.

Every parent knows that there is more to parenthood exhaustion than just the child. There is a plethora of reasons why we succumb to fatigue and these are just some of the reasons why:

  1. Sleeping through the nightWhen we say sleeping through the night, we mean getting more than 2 or 3 hours of sleep. Parents find it hard to “sleep through the night” not only because toddlers cry every time but also due to panic. They constantly check if their child is okay by making endless visits to the baby’s room.Once they are convinced that their baby is sleeping well, they find it hard to go back to sleep. It is either because of the adrenaline that engulfed them earlier or because they have woken the baby up in the process of checking.
  2. Having breaksUnlike your regular 8-hour job, parenting has no breaks. Parents find it hard to do tasks regardless of how simple it is. Why? It is because once you have toddlers, they will be up in your space. You can no longer talk privately with your partner, eat in peace, or even save your friend’s number on your phone’s contact list.But if you are in the bathroom, things change completely. Most parents venerate their bathrooms as a sacred place where they can have their break. It is a haven where they can scroll their news feed, check their inbox, and many more. That is until when the toddler decides to watch them do their business.
  3. Brain overloadHaving a toddler is like having an endless stream of chatter. There are so many inquiries regarding almost anything. And no matter what your answer is, there will always be follow-ups and whys. If that is not called exhausting, then we do not know what it is.Another annoying toddler experience is when they ask for one thing and then refuse it to only want it again. And the cycle goes on and on.
  4. Responsibilities with your spouseEven if you have a child to look after and responsibilities at work, you also need to have time for your spouse. Binge-watching Netflix late at night is fun, rejuvenating, and worth paying the price for. But it can also be exhausting.

Those are just some of the reasons why parents of toddlers are exhausted. To help these hard-working and dedicated individuals, Early Steps Bilingual Preschool, a Preschool in Virginia, provides high-quality early childhood education program so their parents will not have to worry about taking care of the kids and preparing them for school.

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