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Tell-Tale Signs That Your Child Is Ready for Preschool

Tell-Tale Signs That Your Child Is Ready for Preschool

When is the best time to enroll your child in a preschool in Virginia? Have you also been entertaining this thought lately? After all, your child is already a toddler. Most preschools open learning opportunities for children at three years old. Is age the only indicator that school time is in the horizon for your little one?

As parents, there are definitely a lot of considerations to make when it comes to your child’s academic foundation. Let us make this more manageable for you. Here are some tell-tale signs that you can observe in your children to make you consider enrolling them in a bilingual preschool in Virginia.

  • AGE
    How old will your child be when the school year begins? This is the very first consideration for parents as to whether it’s time for their child to go to school or not. For educators like us, we consider two years before kindergarten as an acceptable age for schooling. That means, as early as three years old, you can already enroll your child in nursery. However, this still depends on your child and some preschools’ policies.
    Are you able to comprehend what your children are saying to you? Can they understand what you are telling them? A comprehensible exchange of information is another good indicator that they can now start preschool.
    When your children are also able to follow your instructions, such as not letting go of your hand when crossing the street, waiting for their turn, or picking up their toys, they may also be ready for preschool.
    It is also helpful to consider how your children are able to handle transitions. For instance, how they react when it’s time to turn off the TV, go to bed, or eat their snacks. If they also manifest difficulties in making these transitions, you can start training them at home.
    As mentioned earlier, age is not the only indicator for your children’s school readiness. When they have been adequately potty-trained, you can say that they are now ready for school. Potty training doesn’t just include being able to control their bladder. Your child also needs to know basic self-care practices such as washing of hands, putting on shoes, and brushing teeth, among others.
    Are your children able to handle getting separated from you? When they are in a bilingual daycare in Washington, DC, they will have a good amount of time being away from you. Although separation anxieties can be managed with practice, the way your children handles separation can be a sign that preschool is now ideal for them.

Are you now thinking about your own toddler? If you have observed these signs, you can bring them to Early Steps Bilingual Preschool for an evaluation. We’ll be glad to back you up in your goal of preparing your child for the wonderful world of learning.

If you have questions about our programs and services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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