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Raising a Bilingual Child: A Reminder for Parents


Learning more than one language is an advantage for an individual. Starting them young is the key for children to be able to adapt early. It will be hard for them to adjust if they learn a new language if they are older.

As a provider of bilingual education in Virginia, we can see that a bilingual child will always have an edge. However, we understand that it will not be easy for parents to teach their children to learn more than one language. That is why it is very significant to integrate the new language as early as possible.

For parents, always remember that their learning of the new language is not a race. Any of the languages you choose for them to learn and speak is better than any other language at all. It does not have to be perfect or complicated. Always stay positive and confident because your anxiety is contagious for them. They are learning as much as you think they don’t.

In our bilingual preschool in Virginia, we teach them to master their second language through picture books and music. A picture is worth more than a thousand words that they still can’t understand. But they can remember the picture. Music, on the other hand, is language glue. It sticks in their minds. That is why we incorporate songs in different languages for them to learn more.

Early Steps Bilingual Preschool can be your partner in molding your child to be a better individual. We can also help you teach them to master their second language.

Learn more about the programs we offer and our preschool in Washington, DC, here on our website. Should you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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