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Making Mealtime Healthy and Enjoyable for Preschoolers


Most children are very picky when it comes to the food they eat, especially if it does not appeal to their senses—the sense of sight, most especially. That is why we often times make the mistake of just allowing them to eat what they want, which usually consists of unhealthy food such as easy-cook frozen food and meals that are rich in preservatives and additives, junk food, or candies.

At Early Steps Bilingual Preschool, we know and understand the importance of proper nutrition and a healthy diet, especially for children, as they need the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in order for their bodies and minds to grow and develop healthily. At the same time, we also know how difficult it can be to let toddlers and preschoolers consume a plate of vegetables or a bowl of mixed fruits, which is why we sought and devised ways to incorporate healthy and fun in the mealtimes served at our bilingual preschool in Virginia.

By employing these strategies, we are able to help young toddlers and preschoolers learn healthy eating habits, and develop a positive attitude towards food.

  • Sharing Enthusiasm About the Food They Will Eat
    We encourage our preschoolers to eat the healthy and organic food prepared for them, by also eating the same food and sharing the excitement on consuming the meal.
  • Encouraging Independence and Self-Help
    Most children take pride in being able to do little tasks on their own, which is why we encourage self-help, especially when it comes to mealtime. With supervision, we allow our preschoolers to set the table, pour water or milk from a small pitcher, and spread jam or butter on their bread.
  • Making Mealtime a Social Time
    We seat the children around a table so they can talk to their friends, ask the teacher questions, and learn to share with other children. We encourage conversation in order to practice the preschoolers’ vocabulary and conversational skills.
  • Incorporating Fun Activities Before Mealtime
    Through activities such as story-telling about a particular kind of food, and even letting the children help with the meal preparation, we are able to encourage our preschoolers to try new foods and develop a liking for healthy meals.
  • Preparing Healthy and Organic yet Fun and Appealing Meals
    Although we use organic ingredients and create home-cooked meals that are rich in nutrients needed for a growing child, we make it so that the food will appear fun and appealing for children. By using colorful utensils, arranging food into fun shapes, and putting decors to meals, we are able to encourage the preschoolers to eat and consume their food.

Not many preschools in Virginia provide quality early education, while also giving effort and care into the food intake of your little ones. At Early Steps Bilingual Preschool, however, being a bilingual daycare in Washington, DC, we strive to not only focus on your children’s education but on their overall health and well-being as well.

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