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How Your Kids Benefit from Play Time

How Your Kids Benefit from Play Time

Exercise is such a huge word that you co-relate it to body shape, weight, and fitness. There is a lot more to exercise than you know. Exercise can also mean joy and relaxation. For kids, exercise is a dull word, so we alias it with playing. When playing, kids get to move their whole body, they socialize, and most importantly, they enjoy. That is the reason why schools nowadays incorporate play and learning for young children because this encourages participation. Playing is something that kids always look forward to, so if they think of school the same way, you may not need to wake them up every morning; they’ll be ready and all set every single time.

Benefits of play and exercise in school:

Other than the fact that exercise is good for the body, it is also beneficial for their developing brain. Simple exercises like walking, running, or bending can make children happier and their brains sharper. This is because active playing has the same effects as exercising, it boosts blood flow to the brain and all over the body. Several studies have showed that active kids have better thinking skills. The effects of playing in children’s mind are immediate. It is no wonder that preschools are now more open to using play as a learning strategy.

  • Boosts confidenceConfidence is something that is crucial yet hard to instill in young minds. There are studies which have revealed that kids who are athletic turn out to be more confident. This might be because athletic children are invigorated and always in a happy state. Confidence is necessary at school since it will promote assertiveness and self-reliance at an early age.
  • Better mood and sleepPlaying, just like exercise, promotes the release of a brain chemical that fights off stress. Physically active kids show lesser incidents of mood swings and tantrums. At night, these active kids also fall asleep faster and longer. The right amount of sleep lifts their mood and improves their memory.

How much play time should they have in a day?

There is no established way to quantify playing, so long as they are physically active it is already helpful enough for the brain. Exercising and playing are highly encouraged in schools, especially to preschoolers who have so much energy to exhaust. They need to play more than anything else so to ignite their interest in school.

Early Steps Bilingual Preschool promotes a high-quality early childhood education program. We believe that young minds learn faster and better by using a play-based technique. Our Preschool in Virginia uses a play technique to present real-life experiences to children, teaching them in a joyful manner. We also use Spanish bilingual immersion in Washington, D.C. and Virginia to produce bilingual young minds. We established “The Learning Through Play Curriculum” program to give children the autonomy to decide. In effect, we are also helping them develop their decision-making skills.

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