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How to Help Your Child Learn Two Languages at Once

how-to-help-your-child-learn-two-languages-at-onceNowadays, the standard for knowledge is getting higher. People expect you to know so many things. It might be one of the effects of the advent of technology, specifically, the internet. With access to such resources, learning has become easier. But despite that, there is no need to pressure your child into acquiring so many things in a short period. Progress takes time, and the “slowly but surely” quote is always better.

If you want your child to learn two languages while they are still young, you can always rely on schools that provide bilingual education in Virginia. You can also help them yourself. Here are some tips.

  • Speak your target languages at home.Despite them not clearly understanding such language at first, as long as they regularly hear the same words from your target language, they will eventually understand sooner. If they ask you about the words you are saying or what you mean by them, answer them carefully and clearly.
  • Put labels on your things.Aside from hearing the same words again and again, visionary aids are also very helpful. It will allow them to know nouns and memorize them while they walk around the house.
  • Take your child outside.Learning does not stop inside your home. Taking them outside such as parks, malls, playgrounds, or anywhere else where they are safe will allow them to expand their creativity. It will also make them more curious, leading them to ask more questions and learn more.

If you want them to learn with others, you can enroll them in a bilingual preschool in Virginia. There will be students like them who will also learn and play with them. Not only will they have same-aged friends, but they will also develop their socialization and emotional skills.

To provide them with another environment outside Virginia, there is also a preschool in Washington, DC that you can reach out to.

If you want to enroll them in Early Steps Bilingual Preschool please proceed here: http://www.earlystepsbilingualpreschool.org/preschool-enrollment. If you want to learn our contact details, please visit our website. We are located in Arlington, Springfield, Vienna, and Georgetown. You can always choose the one that is closer and more convenient for you.

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