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How to Cultivate Self-Awareness in Your Child


Self-awareness is an asset that all of us must cultivate and will eventually develop as we age, albeit in varying degrees. And the earlier your child develops it, the easier it will be for them to navigate their growing years by helping them make better decisions.

Fortunately, you can help your child develop this crucial life skill as early as possible. Your child may even have an added advantage if they receive bilingual education in Virginia as they are more receptive to different perspectives, something that is both caused by self-awareness and a result of it, too.

Bilingual or not, you can help them cultivate this life skill. Here are the ways we do this at Early Steps Bilingual Preschool, our bilingual preschool in Virginia:

  • Be the role model of self-awareness your child needs. Use everyday moments to show your child how you take on situations, especially those when you are frustrated.
  • Learn to express your emotions healthily. One effective way is to use “I” statements, as in “I feel (insert your emotion) when (insert the cause of the emotion),” to encourage your child to prod and examine their previous actions or words and arrive at an understanding that does not put the blame on anyone.
  • Stop jumping to rescue your child from their predicaments, especially when you know they can do it. Instead, let them handle it first, only taking over when it is absolutely necessary or when the challenge is far too difficult at the time.

Practice self-reflection with them; dedicate five minutes before bedtime to either talk about or write their learnings of the day. This can be about anything—from their day at their preschool in Washington, DC, to even their realizations from last week.

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