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How Parents Can Support Their Child’s Learning: 10 Tips

How Parents Can Support Their Child’s Learning 10 Tips

As a bilingual preschool in Virginia, we always advocate for quality learning. This is why we’ve prepared creative preschool programs and even bilingual immersion activities so that your child can get the best out of their learning exposure.

Thankfully, as parents, you can do a great lot of difference in inspiring and improving their learning habits. Here are some tips you can follow through:

  1. Set yourself as a model for love of learning.Remember that you are your child’s first teachers. Encourage them about reading, exploring, and bring them to educational places such as museums, libraries, and zoos.
  2. Notice what your child is always interested in.When you do, find ways they can explore it. As a bilingual daycare in Washington, DC, we have plenty of programs that we’re certain your child will be interested in.
  3. Find out what your child’s learning style is.They may be inclined about learning through what they see, hear, or actually experience. Their learning style is a great tool in empowering them as learners.
  4. Practice the things they’ve learned in their preschool.For instance, if they’re learning to speak a new language, such as what we do here in our preschool in Virginia, ask them some vocabulary learning and conversation activities.
  5. Read together and read aloud.When you make this a habit at home, they will gain a lot from this practice such as learning new words and how to select good literature.
  6. Practice associating what your child learned to what they experience in daily life.When your child sees that the things they’ve learned are in fact relevant to their lives, they will become ever more interested in it.
  7. Enable them to take responsibility for their learning.If they’ve done well, praise them for it and especially point out what they did right. If they’ve made a mistake, gently correct them. As you do, ensure that you’re pointing out what they did.
  8. Give your child the right amount of schedule.Don’t force them to study too much but allow them some time to play and relaxed. Getting them to study a lot may get them discouraged about learning.
  9. Minimize their screen time and manage what they watch on-screen.Aside from ensuring that they’re viewing educational and wholesome programs, let their viewing habits be at the minimum so this will not develop into a bad one.
  10. Explore new learning experiences for yourself.This is an effective way for you to model the love for learning in your child. You can do things such as learning a new language or read an unfamiliar topic. And if you can, talk about your learning with your child, whether they understand or it not.

At Early Steps Bilingual Preschool, we work with you in exploring the learning abilities of your child. You will be glad you enrolled your child with us. If you have inquiries about our programs, we highly encourage you to keep in touch.

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