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Bilingual Preschool in Springfield, Virginia


Did you know that teaching your child a second language starting when they are young can bring them countless of benefits as they grow into adulthood? We want to see your children succeed which is why at Early Steps Bilingual Preschool, we offer Spanish bilingual immersion in Washington DC for all of our young students. We are fully committed to helping our students gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and capabilities that they need so that they can achieve success in the future.

Here are some of the top benefits of being bilingual that your child can enjoy from childhood and even into adulthood:

  • Being bilingual can provide them with cultural and social opportunities. Speaking another language provides your child with the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and walks of life. This opportunity also enables them to make more friends, explore different cultures fully, and they can better understand foreign film, literature, and music. Being bilingual helps expand their social circle and it allows them to immerse themselves in a different culture.
  • Being bilingual can provide them with numerous job opportunities and gives them a competitive edge. As a parent, you would naturally want your child to finish school and land a good job. Being bilingual can definitely help them look for more career opportunities. Whether they want to focus on their chosen career or if they want to shift to a new field, being bilingual can definitely help make the process easier. Furthermore, being bilingual can give them a competitive edge over other job applicants. After all, many companies are now looking for employees who are proficient in two or more languages.
  • Being bilingual can help improve their multitasking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. A study entitled, “Bilingualism Increases Neural Response Consistency and Attentional Control: Evidence for Sensory and Cognitive Coupling” shows that being bilingual can help people process information more efficiently and easily and that it is actually good for the brain. Another study entitled “The Foreign-Language Effect: Thinking in a Foreign Tongue Reduces Decision Biases” shows that using a foreign language can lessen decision-making biases, thus, improving an individual’s decision-making skills.

So, if you are looking for a preschool in Virginia that provides your children with the opportunity to learn a second language, make sure to check out our institution now. Do you have other inquiries? Don’t hesitate to Contact Us for assistance.

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