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Ensuring Good Nutrition in Preschools

Ensuring Good Nutrition in Preschools

A lot of parents, who are very health aware, now prefer to enroll their children in schools that ensure nutritious meals for lunch and snack time. They are comforted in knowing that their children have access to fresh fruits and meals while they are in school.

Early Steps Bilingual Preschool has made this advancement in their facilities to promote healthy eating habits in children, as they get ready to go to higher levels of education. As a bilingual preschool in Virginia, quality learning in kids has always been in our priority list. With healthy and nourishing meals to keep them energized, a preschool’s day is sure to be filled with a lot of fun and learning.

We give much focus in providing freshly cooked organic meals in our bilingual daycare in Washington, DC. As a result, our children are:

  • Attentive

    When children consume less sugary treats and more protein, they have more lasting energy throughout the day, which helps them focus and be more attentive while having fun in learning. Consuming too much sugary food may lead to obesity and childhood behavioral disorders.

  • Healthier

    If they are supplemented with healthy and hearty meals at home and in school, their growth is more holistic which also averts them from becoming picky eaters. When they are open to trying new food, it allows them to try and eat vegetables, which become good nutritional foundations for their body promoting healthier, longer lives.

  • Happier

    Children who have diets composed of freshly cooked meals and portions of fresh fruits and juices tend to be happier and enjoy discovering different foods and flavors. Children who enjoy having meals together at home, see the importance of being a family and becoming a unit and have less likelihood of becoming troubled teens.

  • Less Prone to Food Allergies

    Some children develop allergies to a particular food at an early age. Introducing them to different kinds of foods is beneficial in knowing what they are allergic to so you can avoid foods that contain that particular ingredient. If they are more open to trying different meals, it broadens their choices and exposes them to more food they can tolerate and not develop any sudden allergic reaction when they just eat the same food groups day in and day out.

The benefits of getting freshly cooked and organic meals are very essential to the growing bodies of preschool children. We have made it equally part of our mission that our children get served their needed nutrition when they are at school.

Encourage your kid to develop healthy eating habits. Enroll them at Early Steps Bilingual Preschool.

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