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Impact of Language Learning on Cognitive Development


Language learning has a significant impact on cognitive development in various ways. At Early Steps Bilingual Preschool, we recognize the benefits of learning new languages and how it can positively affect child development. We are a bilingual preschool in Virginia that teaches all our enrollees Spanish as part of our curriculum.

Here are ways language learning impacts child cognition:

  • Enhances memory and attention: Language learning requires learners to remember grammar rules, vocabulary, and sentence structures.
  • Improves problem-solving skills: Language learning encourages problem-solving skills as learners must find ways to communicate their thoughts and ideas.
  • Boosts creativity: Learning a new language exposes learners to new ways of thinking and communicating.
  • Increases cultural awareness: Language learning often involves learning about the culture and customs of the language speakers.
  • Develops cognitive flexibility: Learning a new language requires switching between different linguistic structures and cultural contexts.

It’s safe to say that language learning positively affects children’s cognitive development. But it’s also important to note that it may extend its effects to the child’s social and emotional development as they communicate and interact. Thus, it follows that language learning helps with holistic development.

At our preschool in Washington, DC, this is what we aim for our learners – a holistic development in a bilingual environment that prepares them for the future ahead. Paired with a play-based approach to learning, we can bring out awareness, creativity, and flexibility in the children.

Through our bilingual education in Virginia, you can expose your child to different customs and practices, which also breed respect for other cultures. We find this environment conducive to lifelong learning, which is what we want our learners to get from their early childhood education.

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