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How to Help your Child Learn Spanish as a Second Language at Home

How to Help your Child Learn Spanish as a Second Language at Home

A lot of studies have shown that a child’s success is influenced by the attitude of his parents towards learning a language. However, some parents do not recognize the significance of learning a second language at this age. They do not know that this helps their child become a better thinker and it provides him an edge over the others in the competitive work world. As a parent, here is what you can do to support your child’s effort to learn Spanish as a second language:

Expose your Little One to Real Speakers

The best way for your little one to learn to understand the second language is to hear people speaking it fluently. His exposure to conversations allows him to start picking up the sounds and the natural accent. Pick a language that your kid can watch on a regular basis or the one his school offers. Many schools have programs for Spanish Bilingual Immersion in Washington DC. In case your babysitter speaks Spanish as her native language, encourage her to speak it to your preschooler. Moreover, consider looking for cultural events associated with the culture and language your child is trying to learn.

Take Advantage of your Child’s Interest

We all tend to learn more if we are interested in something. And this is applicable to learning a second language. According to some studies, kids are more likely to learn the names of objects if their parents follow their lead and interact responsively based upon their interest. Thus, if your kid is interested in something, talk to him about it to start a conversation. This encourages him to pay attention and start to learn new words.

Add Language to Daily Experiences and Activities

Any activity provides a chance for your child to learn the language. Talk to him about foods he likes to eat or the characters of the books you read together. It is important to keep in mind that you follow your child’s lead to ensure he takes control of the conversation. Remember to introduce new words when playing and interacting with him. Early Steps Bilingual Preschool, a provider of High Quality Early Childhood Education Program, suggests that you make use of each everyday activity as an opportunity to expose him to new words.

Encourage your Child to Practice

Learning a new language takes time and the only way to improve is to practice. So as a parent, ensure that your child makes time to focus on learning that second language with the help of a Preschool in Virginia.

Every child is born with the ability to speak any of the world’s thousands of languages. In the first six months, children try to say something using various tones but they begin to discard words and sounds they do not hear in their daily environment. Make the most out of your little one’s remarkable ability to absorb language skills while he is young. Call 571-882-4343 or 202-944-4424.

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