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How Gardening Can Help with Children’s Learning

How Gardening Can Help with Children's Learning

Children are little bundles of joy that love to spend time outdoors doing activities like digging in the soil and playing with water. Another thing they love to do is to imitate and help their parents, caregivers, and teachers from a bilingual preschool in Virginia. Knowing this, we should take advantage of the fact to encourage them to start gardening.

You may think that it’s too early for children to be involved in gardening. However, as a preschool in Washington, DC, we believe that the activity offers your young ones plenty of opportunities to learn and develop. We list some of them below:

  • Gardening helps children develop physically.

    Spending time in the garden allows children to develop physically. When watering the plants, for example, they get to use and exercise their muscles.

  • Gardening teaches children to be responsible.

    Taking care of plants is not instant. It requires time and attention. By involving your child in this activity, they will learn about the responsibility of growing and providing care to the plants.

  • Gardening encourages healthy eating.

    Since gardening immerses the child to the sowing, caring, and growing of the plants, they may be more inclined to taste and eat the fruits of their labor.

Those listed above are some of the benefits you and your child can get if you encourage your child to start gardening.

We at Early Steps Bilingual Preschool does not only offer bilingual education in Virginia, but we also have other enriching activities, including gardening and exploring.

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