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2 Reasons Why Organic Meals are Best for Kids

2 Reasons Why Organic Meals are Best for Kids

It is very difficult to come by food that is actually healthy these days. Meat, fruits, and vegetables naturally contain loads of vitamins and minerals. However, with the agricultural techniques that mass producers use nowadays, the nutrients that many food contain are nearly inexistent, if not totally outweighed, by the chemicals the suppliers utilize. The artificial fertilizers, harsh pesticides, and weeding sprays are threatening to everyone’s health. While your child goes to preschool in Virginia for a Spanish bilingual immersion in Washington DC at Early Steps Bilingual Preschool, it is best to give him the best quality food you can get your hands on.

Nonorganic food is harmful in so many ways. Organic food, on the other hand, is beneficial for so many reasons.

  • Natural Growth

    Organic food are grown and raised in natural ways. The plants are given natural fertilizers such as peels from fruits and vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, seaweed, and anything natural that makes the soil healthy. The nutrients the plants get go through a natural process. Nonorganic farmers, on the other hand, inject chemicals into fruits and vegetables to induce its growth – making it look big or ripe without it actually being fully grown. This is why you cannot fully reap the nutrients these fruits and vegetable are supposedly abundant of. Sometimes they could just be sprayed or dipped on some artificial coloring to make them appear fresh and ripe. Organic livestock is fed and treated properly while nonorganic ones’ growths are induced as well with chemicals that make them get big faster. These growth enhancers, like the one in poultry, cause obesity on people. You cannot risk your little ones from consuming something so harmful as they go to preschool in Virginia.

  • No Harmful Chemicals

    Many bugs and other insects naturally feed on plants. This does not exclude the fruits, vegetables, and crops that you eat. Organic farmers use traditional method in warding these pests off by making traps and other conventional techniques. Nonorganic food producers, on the other hand, put chemicals on these plants to kill and repel the insects. The chemicals these pests hate and die from are also damaging for the people that eat them. In sum, eating nonorganic fruits, vegetables, and crops is also ingesting dangerous chemicals. Nonorganic livestock are given large amounts of antibiotics to spare it from getting sick. Consequently, as people eat them, they get a tolerance or immunity from these antibiotics which keep viruses and infection from being healed by antibacterial drugs the person takes when he gets sick.

There are zero reasons to prefer nonorganic food over organic ones. You cannot let poor farming techniques, and low regard for the consumer’s life and health to get in the way of your loved ones’ wellness. Let your kids get the nutrients that their growing bodies and minds need while they are in for Spanish bilingual immersion in Washington DC at Early Steps Bilingual Preschool. Besides promoting cultural diversity, we also promote good nutrition which.

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