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TEACHER – Early Steps Bilingual Preschool located at 1701 N. Bryan Street Arlington, VA 22201 seeks a Lead Spanish Teacher who will be responsible for providing an environment of complete Spanish immersion including the creation and execution of lesson plans based on developing proficiency in Spanish. Email resumes to earlystepsbilingual@gmail.com.

Special Education Teacher (Full Time)- Design and teach appropriate curricula, assign work geared toward each student’s needs and abilities, grape papers and homework; help in the student’s behavioral, social and academic development; help students with disabilities. Coordinate the work of other teachers and school related personnel, to optimize the development of the students with special needs.

Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education, or related field, plus five years of post-baccalaureate work experience.

Co-Lead Spanish Teacher- We are looking for a Co-Lead Spanish teacher who can help our Lead Spanish Teacher provide complete Spanish language immersion to our students. Interested applicants may email their resumes to earlystepsbilingual@gmail.com.

Candidate may send their resume to earlystepsbilingual@gmail.com or Early Steps Bilingual Preschool c/o Ana Cespedes 1701 N Bryan St., Arlington, VA 22201. Call us at 703-243-1198.